Board Members

Shawn Maldon 


Shawn Maldon, Chairman, Founder and Executive Director of The Maldon Foundation, is a renaissance man. He proudly spends his time developing solutions for problems facing the community. Maldon has developed several businesses, programs, and...

Krystal Oriadha 

Vice President

Krystal Oriadha, a community activist, is a graduate of Howard University with a degree in International Business, where she had the opportunity to study abroad. Later, she obtained a Master of Business Administration and began to work for a well known firm...

Sharon Dorrough 


Sharon Dorrough, a nurse practitioner, has spent her professional career and personal life caring for and putting others first. She is the mother of two sons, who she raised to be loving, caring, and respectful young men. Sharon has a deep-rooted concern for...

Amanda Anderson 


Amanda Anderson, Executive 

Assistant to Mayor Shawn Maldon, is a creative mastermind. With over a decade of design and creation, customer service, event planning, management and business development experience, Anderson brings...

Jeanette Brandon 

Board Member

Jeanette Brandon, a quality care & HR professional, is a relentless community activist. Originally from Danville, VA, Brandon works as a Human Resource professional for Chesapeake Home Health Care, an organization that provides compassionate care to the...

Jermaine Johnson 

Board Member

Jermaine N. Johnson, founder of Reality Check Mentoring Incorporated, is an educator, a business leader, writer, and speaker. Johnson studied management and business in college ultimately earning a Master of Science in Management with a focus in...

Cassy Morris 

Board Member

Cassy Morris, the co-founder and director for the LGBTQ Dignity Project, has dedicated her life to diversity, inclusion and to being a community activist. Overcoming many challenges, Morris migrated to the United States by way of Jamaica in her early twenties...

Chamisa Redmond 

Board Member

Chamisa Redmond, a data specialist, is a leader within her community. Nash serves on the Communication and Outreach Committee within the Incorporated Town of Capitol Heights. As the group’s president, she helps with the overall mission and execution...

Jill Sege, Esq. 

Board Member

Jill Sege, principal at The Sege Law Office, LLC, is an attorney with over 20 years of courtroom experience. Sege’s primary areas of practice include discrimination and criminal law. In addition to protecting people’s right as a licensed attorney, Sege is a nationally certified...

Kenneth E. Staton, Jr. 

Board Member

Kenneth E. Staton, Jr., a trained Urban and Regional Planning professional, has been working within the community for years. Staton’s areas of interest include, but are not limited to: community development, youth & millennial engagement, access to fresh & healthy foods, and housing...


By providing direct services and programming to the community, The Maldon Foundation (a 501(C)3, tax-exempt organization) is committed to building a stronger community.


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