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Mary Hanson

Capitol Heights, MD



I always want to do the right thing. It is never my intent to cheat or get over on anyone. The truth is we fell on hard time. I am so grateful to Mr. Maldon and The Maldon Foundation for stepping in and helping me and my family. The saying that '...when it rains, it pours..' is so true.


My backyard had gotten out of control. Bird trees, trash, shrubs, weeds, you name it. It started looking like a small forrest right in my backyard. This was never something I wanted to happen. Of course not. My neighbors had grown extremely impatient and I don't blame them. Even small animals found my backyard to be their new home. I get it, it was unsafe. As I said, I just could not seem to find the extra income to put towards hiring someone to come and cut it. As a single parent, I was going through an awfully low time in my life.


I reached out to the local government and because it was on my private property they were not able to help. I reached out to Mr. Maldon and he told me about his nonprofit and its purpose of helping those in need. I had to complete some paperwork and do a needs assessment and, needless to say, they stepped in and saved the day. I almost couldn't recognize my own backyard. I will be forever grateful. Now, I pay it forward as an ongoing donor of The Maldon Foundation.

Christina Taylor

Seat Pleasant, MD

I have 5 young boys and they always seem to be growing. As school was getting started, they needed a lot: shoes, haircut, clothes, and the list goes on and on. I was connected with The Maldon Foundation and they not only came through for me, they also provided mentoring and tutoring for my sons. Words are not enough. I just can't thank The Maldon Foundation enough for standing in the gap. I will forever be indebted to you, for caring enough about the community. Thank you.

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